Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is one of the many web hosting options offered all over the internet, but it is very different from the others. First, dedicated web hosting is offered for big consumers, webmasters who own a big number of websites or own a large website that consumes a large amount of bandwidth and needs a lot of storage. Second, it is very costly if you compare it to other options of web hosting, medium and small businesses are all required to have dedicated web hosting to cover their needs and for such businesses, it is not considered as expensive as having their own servers, because having a server needs a lot more maintenance and time to upgrade when it does not work, and in case of a problem, the company needs to hire a technician to fix it and that might take a while, costing the company sales and business. That is why many companies choose to trust hosting companies to maintain their dedicated servers, because in this case it is the hosting company that takes care of the server, after all, that is its job.  

Other options include shared hosting servers where webmasters share the same server; this is the most common type of web hosting because it is the cheapest. Most starting businesses choose this option in order to cut the expenses, but most users of shared hosting switch to dedicated hosting as soon as their websites start consuming more bandwidth.

The web hosting options offered are very varied and give webmasters good options to start their businesses. Here’s a short comparison between shared and dedicated web hosting:

Shared web hosting is cheap, offers you a small amount of storage, a number of options for bandwidth, the more you get, the more expensive it gets. Most web hosting companies offer emails, free domain names and a lot of other attractive options to attract customers, those little add-ons make getting a shared web hosting account very affordable and irresistible. But, shared web hosting can cost you more if you depend on it; most shared web hosting accounts come with some problems. A lot of downtime can cost you a lot of money, and loss of future sales or clients. Some cheap shared accounts can be attractive at first, but when you purchase one, you will notice the difference when it’s too late, the providers always schedule maintenance and sometime it takes more than the time they plan for it take.

Dedicated hosting costs more, sometimes much more than you can afford, but if you really invest in it, you will see the great benefit of doing so; you will enjoy a large amount of storage, enough bandwidth and the peace of mind of having seldom downtime.

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